The Out-Front Hay Accumulator is a more economical and highly effective way of accumulating hay. Built of strong 2x2 tubular steel, the Out-Front Hay Accumulator can holdup to the most demanding of field conditions. It's 'out-front' where the operator can see whats happening and it's easily maneuverable.

Save time, save money with the Out-Front Hay Accumulator. Instead of pulling a trailer around the field and loading each individual bale with lots of manual labor, let one skid-steer operator accumulate the bales for easy mechanical loading on the trailer. With no moving parts, the Out-Front Hay Accumulator will provide years of service at an economical price.

Check out the specs and then contact us to get your Out-Front Hay Accumulator today.

Also check out the NEW! Out-Front Grapple, used for loading the accumulated bales onto a trailer.

Patent Pending